Author Topic: How to line a recycled Jean Purse with men's boxer briefs.  (Read 1748 times)


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How to line a recycled Jean Purse with men's boxer briefs.
« on: August 25, 2008, 10:20:50 AM »
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Making a jean purse from recycled jeans is easy. Just cut the legs off, open the front seam and stitch into a purse. You can order complete instructions on this site.
To make an interesting and fun lining for a jean purse just purchase a pair of men's boxer briefs. I like to use a size medium but this also depends on the size of the jean purse.
The waist on the briefs should ne be smaller than the waist of the jeans.  You can always sew a tuck into the brief waist but it's much easier to have a similar size waist.  It's really not that difficult to find jeans in all sizes if you garage sale, ask friends for old jeans, or have children (Caution - never create children just for the sake of recycling jeans).
The finished length of the jean puse should be similar to the length of the finished brief lining, minus one inch (stitch the lining first to get an accurate measurement and then find recycled jeans that will work with this measurement). The lining fit does not have to be perfect and one inch of the lining will extend over the waistband of the jeans.
Step 1: Working on the right side (not reverse side)of  briefs, sew straight across the leg opening at the bottom of each leg, using 1/4" to 1/2" seam allowance.
Step 2: Put the briefs inside the purse. The right side of the briefs should face the reverse side of the purse.  The waistband of the briefs should extend over the purse waist with the brand name of the briefs visible to all the world. Stitch the top edge of the purse waist to the bottom edge of the brief waist band. This can be done partly by machine but you will probably have to slip stitch some of the areas by hand since the waistline may be too bulky in spots for the machine to sew without breaking a few needles.
I found a simple way to add my own cutesy label into my purse without sewing, embroidery or much expense. I design my label in my printer program (print shop) and then just print it onto a fusible inkjet fabric sheet (available at all craft stores). I cut the label out of the sheet with pinking sheers and glue it into the purse (it can also be stitched in). This label never touches an iron and turns out perfect everytime.
I thought of several cute labels using the Hanes word.  Can't think of anything for Fruit Of The Loom -but I will try.
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