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Bootleg - How to decorate an orthopedic boot
« on: May 31, 2012, 08:02:05 PM »
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When you're stuck in an orthopedic boot your shoes are mismatched for weeks.
Get creative. Find a trim similar to your shoe or sandal. I used a rhinestone trim that matched my rhinestone sandal. Since my boot had a lot
of velcro closures and also the fabric of the boot easily attached to velcro, I just glued the rhinestone trim to velcro and easily attached the
trim to two areas of my boot.
I did the same with other trims and also added trims and jewel pieces to a pair of sandals and added the same jewels to my sandals.
If you want to apply the trim to areas of the boot that velcro won't attach to, just use a temporary glue that is made to reposition objects.

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