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Cold Sore Cures
« on: June 02, 2011, 02:51:08 PM »

If you ever used an over the counter cold sore medication, you probably know how ineffective it often is. Some of these medications can be quite expensive.
Over the years I have found two simple treatments for cold sores. One treatment is taking calcium at the first tingle. Very recently I had the start of a cold sore (more than a tingle), I took a Calcium Magnesium with D pill (1000 mg calcium) and the next day my cold sore was gone.
St John's Wort is another remedy or preventative for a cold sore. A few years ago, I was a participant in a cold sore study. It was during this study that I began taking St John's Wort capsules and surprisingly I didn't get any cold sores even though I was exposed to people that had cold sores.
If taking St Johns Wort Capsules doesn't appeal to you then just keep a bottle of St John's Wort oil in the house and at the first sensation of tingling, burning, or itching, use a Q-tip with a  drop or two of the oil applied and coat the developing cold sore with this oil soaked Q-tip.