Author Topic: How To Make A Tear Scarf In Minutes  (Read 3185 times)


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How To Make A Tear Scarf In Minutes
« on: December 13, 2009, 11:57:47 AM »
See this very large wall tapestry at http://www.creative-stitch.netWatch my video on making this beautiful silky, furry, fleece tear scarf.
No sewing required! This scarf is made in minutes! This scarf is foolproof! Each scarf requires only 12" of silky, furry fleece. It makes a great gift.
You will need:
*  3/4 of a yard of silky, furry fleece - this will make 2 scarves
*  scissors
*  another person for a very short time
1. Buy 3/4 of a yard silky furry fleece to make 2 scarves. It is available at Joann's fabric and crafts both in the store and on-line.
2. Measure 12" (this is the halfway point of the 3/4 yard of fleece or the short end of the fleece)on the fleece. Make a small cut at this 12" point. Then with all your strength tear the fleece into two pieces.
3. This step requires 2 people, each holding one end of the scarf, positioned as far from each other as possible.  Start twisting the scarf as tightly as possible.
4. Each person should now pull as tightly as possible. This makes the raw edges turn inward. Let go and the Silky Fleece magically turns into a scarf.
Be careful pulling this fabric too tightly, so as not to lose your balance.
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